Is America preparing for mass riots?

Those in charge of securing the presidential elections in America on November 3 are taking additional measures these days, because violence is possible after the elections.

"The election results, the counting of votes and the recount can cause protests, and in some places attempts to take the polls," they said in the Department of Internal Security in New Jersey.

It is estimated that civil unrest could lead to riots, violence and casualties, and in combination with electoral uncertainty, could be the cause of clashes between various groups of protesters who dispute the election results.

Such warnings are not taken lightly, given that the FBI has discovered that a group of men is making a plan to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

However, it is not just about the day of the elections on November 3. Officials in New Jersey warn that the chances of something going wrong increase as the announcement of the final results is prolonged.

In one such scenario, according to which the results would wait for months, the security assessment says that some countries could be a destination for "various groups that want violent protests, which could result in serious and deadly clashes between demonstrators and police intervention."

Officials say they will not be unprepared, but the question is whether state and local, as well as federal officials, have given good thought to potential election violence.

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