Investigation against Bill Gates underway?

A petition has been launched in America seeking to start up an investigation against foundation of Bill Gates, and his wife, Melinda, for crimes against humanity and medical malpractice. A petition published on the White House's website called "We the People" has so far been signed by 425,000 people, four times the number required for the White House's official response. The Federal Government is being urged to ask Congress to conduct a comprehensive and public inquiry. As we look at the events surrounding the pandemic of the corona virus, many questions remain unanswered. On October 18, 2019, just a few weeks before the official first casualty in Wuhan, China, two significant major events occurred. The first is "Event 201" and the second is "Military World Games". Both occurred in Wuhan, the petition reads. The petition against Bill and Melinda Foundation then says that there is pressure and push around the world to produce the vaccine and introduce bio-metric tracking of humans. Proponents of the petition claim that Bill Gates stands at the forefront. The petition was launched on April 10, and in just a few days it was signed by 100,000 people, meaning the White House should address the issue within sixty days.

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