Intensifying the investigation against Rudy Giuliani

The investigation into the activities of the personal lawyer of the previous US President Donald Trump in Ukraine has entered a new phase. The investigation became more aggressive, because the apartment and offices of Rudy Giuliani were searched. There is a suspicion that in addition to violating the law by lobbying on behalf of Ukrainian officials, there are also some details that indicate that the interest of investigators is even wider than that.

Executing an order like this, which is a search with the seizure of mobile phones and computers, is an unusual procedure against a lawyer. Especially if you keep in mind that he is the lawyer of the former president. It is estimated that this move marks a significant development in the long investigation against Giuliani, which examines some people and actions that were at the center of the first process for Trump's impeachment.

Federal services are focused on the question of whether Giuliani lobbied illegally in the Trump administration in 2019 on behalf of Ukrainian officials and oligarchs who helped him find dirt on Joseph Biden while he was vice president of Barack Obama, who for their own reasons, they demanded the removal of the then American ambassador in Kiev, who was later replaced. Attempting to influence the U.S. government on behalf of foreign officials is a federal criminal act if that activity is not reported to the Department of Justice.

Although search and seizure warrants are not an explicit charge, their implementation shows that the investigation has entered a new, as I said, aggressive phase, as investigators must convince a judge that they have sufficient reason to believe a crime has been committed and that the search will lead to evidence.

The search of Giuliani's apartment and office is a new sign that even after Trump leaves the White House, investigations into possible illegal actions before and during his tenure continue to develop, while local and federal authorities are investigating members of the former president's inner circle.

The investigation into Giuliani revolves around his contacts with people in Ukraine while he was Trump's lawyer.

Ahead of last year's presidential election, Giuliani asked for information that could be politically harmful for the then candidate Biden and asked for the removal of the American ambassador to Ukraine, which was the most important episode for Trump's first impeachment.

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