Instagram's new policy in the virtual world of perfect models

We have been following model mania for quite some time now, not just the real one, but the one on Instagram. In the context of this, they often appear on the same social network, i.e Instagram, various dietetic and cosmetic products in order to achieve the desired look of the model. It explains so nicely how these products affect the body, and more importantly, how they contribute to a perfect body, the same as a model, with adequate model images. Now, it may be a little late, maybe not, but Instagram has announced that all these contents with weight loss products and perfect skin, i.e cosmetic products, will only be visible to those over 18 years of age. Instagram says this new measure comes in response to the increased frequency of "influencers" advertising weight loss products, diet teas and supplements, and cosmetic procedures.

In addition, those products that are not in the realm of non-miraculous, i.e those who do not work miracles, will be excluded only for young people under 18, while those who work miracles, as "lose 20 kg only with the help of tea", will be completely removed for both the younger and older than 18. As well as individual posts, it appears entire Instagram accounts have already been taken down. And while the onus falls on Instagram to enforce the policy, users can also report posts that violate the guidelines, more precisely any such "miraculous" post will be removed.

A truly magnificent action by one of the giants among social networks, which, although it belongs to the virtual world, wants to convey what is real. And that is, any "health" claim to preparations and cosmetics is not scientifically just because it has appeared on the net. For young people in particular, this new policy will ensure they’re not marketed treatments they don’t need, or that could even harm their health. I would say this action has a wider significance, the awareness that the virtual world is only a virtual one after all. This is significant especially for children growing up in such a world. I'm not saying they need to know everything about advanced technologies, but they also should know the boundary between the technologies mentioned and the realities.

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