In the News: The Myth That Vaping Is A Safer Alternative To Smoking

Decades ago smoking was a large part of American society. You saw smoking in advertisements, at most public facilities, and it was a large part of American culture. However, after smoking was linked to cancer and other health concerns, the Surgeon General and the various states added warnings and restrictions on smoking. These restrictions and outright bans became the norm.

Additionally, many celebrity and and high-profile public figure deaths were linked to cigarette use and it soon lost popularity. The more educated society became, the less tempted people were to use these dangerous substances.

The introduction of e-cigarettes and vaping was thought to be helpful trend in reducing the use of cigarettes. Vaping was initially introduced as an alternative for smokers to wean themselves off of cigarettes and promoted as a healthier alternative. But with hundreds of illnesses and several deaths now reported, it turns out vaping and e-cigarettes may be just as deadly or worse as the real thing.

Even though society is on a quest to find a healthier alternative to cigarettes, the answer is not found in vaping. For example, a JUUL vape cartridge contains about as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. Additionally, the chemicals in vape products have been linked to poisoning and lung disease.

Despite the frightening reports of the new danger, as a writer and researcher I still come across sites that want to rationalize and defend vaping. No warning or protest against the substance has stopped its increasing popularity. Despite the evidence of its danger, statistics have reported a rise in its use with an estimated 37% of 12th Graders addicted to vaping.

The danger has caused recent action by some states. New York and Michigan have put bans on some flavored types of these substances. They believe the flavored vaping and e-cigarette products are designed to get younger people hooked on these dangerous products.

Statistically the use of vaping products is still rising. Despite the recent news and obvious danger, like the original trend of smoking cigarettes, I imagine America is going to have to find out the hard way that there is no drug that is a safer alternative to smoking. At the end of day, society has to evolve away from nicotine addiction completely, instead of just replacing one dangerous product with another.

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