"I don't know who will enter the White House, but I know Biden will be removed."

The dust surrounding the election of a new US president is not diminishing. Namely, Alex Jones, one of the American conspiracy theorists and a right-winger, said that Joe Biden would be "removed" from the president's office "in one way or another".

There have already been clashes between right-wingers and the left-wing Antifa movement, and this is becoming commonplace.

Jones spoke at a rally in support of outgoing US President Donald Trump, when he called the president-elect a "walking zombie".

During a speech at a gathering in Washington, where Trump supporters gathered who believe that the current president has been stolen, Jones pointed out that Trump is "the best president the country has ever had."

The division that reigns in America has reached the measure of fanaticism, or that fanaticism has only been concealed, and during the previous four years it has been exposed and becomes visible. Perhaps encouraged over the past four years from all sides.

"We will never support Satan's pedophiles, the globalists of the new world order and their dead, resurrected corpse of Joe Biden, and we will never acknowledge him. President Trump has nothing to do with the Russians. There is no evidence of that connection. Four years of investigation. , that investigation has opened and closed, "Jones said, and continued:

"So, I don't know who will go to the White House in 38 days, but I know this - Joe Biden is a globalist and Joe Biden will be removed one way or another," Jones said.

How he intends to do this to prevent Biden from entering the White House remains to be seen, and to hope that these are just the words of a fanatic, that something more serious will not happen. Although these conflicts are too much for civic taste.

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