I am staring at my iPhone, so I exist

The use of iPhone has long become a part of everyday life and an irreplaceable device without which life is unthinkable. I have to admit that the idea for this blog came to my mind when I was walking around the city and noticed a graffiti on one wall: "I'm staring at the iPhone, so I exist." At first my reaction to this graffiti was laughter, then I thought about it and realised that this coin was much more than a joke. Indeed, the essence and philosophy of life have changed to such an extent that existence depends on the device. Not to list all the possibilities of use and why this is so, when and how the phenomenon came to life, whether it could have been different, etc., it is all extremely complex phenomenology. It's just that devices are a condition of being a modern man and woman. Of course, the purpose of this writing is not to announce that it will be the end of the world soon. This, like everything else, should be viewed exactly as it stood on graffiti, necessary but not too serious. That's why I thought I'd post some memes related to the latest iPhone 11 with this text. Even the new design of the iPhone 11 camera is being roasted on social networks.

That is the new iPhone 11 Coconut design.

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