"Humanists" at work - work is business

We are witnessing false democracies, false human rights, false humanists, etc. Many humanists (liars) simply race to show how much they care about the world, people and their health. They call for charity, all those who help others consider them heroes of today. And they take beautiful pictures of it, publish it in the news, take selfies, post videos about it. It is nicely written in the Bible that what your right hand does, your left hand should does not know about it, is charity. What modern humanists do is nothing but business advertising. All these fakes show "daily care" for children, their health, education. But do they really care? This cynicism has spread especially and become even stronger and more negative during this corona virus pandemic. Bill Gates cares so much about the health of children, he donates to find a vaccine, he has his own foundation because of that, and an enormous number of children, say in Africa, die of hunger every day. Does Bill Gates really think that he will convince us, for example, with this video he posted on his twitter profile, that he will touch us with his "care" for humanity and children.

I agree that all these people we can see in the video are really heroes of today, although I am also inclined to my personal childhood heroes, whom Bill Gates wants to “replace” with today’s ones. These people in the video care, but Bill Gates, does he really care what he say? And all these heroes from the video are, unfortunately and completely unconscious, in the service of promoting Gates' "humanity". The way he and those like him present humanism (to the people in the video, again, every honour!) is nothing but a trend of how to go in the column that such "humanists" create. That is why we have false democracies, racism, greed and, in the end, the most important thing: lack of freedom. There are fewer and fewer if there is anything left at all. In such an atmosphere, it is easy to keep people subjugated and develop corporate business, to lobby, it is easy, for example, for Trump to say that racism does not exist in America, then, for example, that there are free media in a Balkan country, even though one man controls everything. etc., there are many examples. There are many lies that are swallowed every day and then it is easier for all liars to convince us that they are peacemakers, humanists, to take care of children, etc. Let Bill Gates feed the hungry in Africa but without a pompous congress announcing it. No it will not happen!

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