Huge Mont Blanc glacier in danger of collapse because of global warming

Mont Blanc is the highest peak of the Alps and the highest peak of Europe, known for its ski slopes and large amounts of snow, and glaciers are present in certain parts throughout the year. However, since 2013, a glacier has begun to be monitored by experts as a potential hazard. Due to the global warming, there is a possibility that this glacier could roll off and cause major dangerous consequences. During 2017, 50 cubic meters of ice have already fallen and the danger is increasing every year. In September 2018, a large amount of ice rolled off the French side. Considering that it is also a glacier that could endanger the Italian side, precautionary measures have been taken, such as evacuation of the population and road closures. These measures were taken following recent official warnings by the Italian authorities that there is a danger of falling large amounts of ice from the glacier as a result of global warming. It is estimated that 250,000 cubic meters of ice may be swept away, which could cause really serious consequences.

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