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How Umpires are ruining the Game of Baseball

Umpires for the longest time have been calling the wrong calls. There are Umps like Jerry West and Angel Hernandez who think that the fans come to see them and not the players. Jerry West alone has ruined the game, he has called some of the worst calls in the game and ejecting players and managers for no reason at all. The MLB is testing robotic umpires in the Atlantic league. If they are to have the addition of robotic umpires there will a lot more accurate calls and players and managers would me a lot happier.

Players should be able to argue balls and strikes, managers should be able to argue balls and strikes. Most umpires eject players and managers as everyone can tell because their feelings are hurt. The second they are told that they wrong they get their feelings hurt and eject someone. The MLB should start firing these Umpires that don't know what they are doing, or do some kind of retraining. If they can't be fired they should at least be fined or suspended, there is no reason for umpires ejecting players and managers just because their feelings are hurt.

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