How to restore the vitality of the state and the nation?

To be a successful manager, one must go through all the levels from the bottom to the top, before becoming a manager. Otherwise, they will not see all the needs of the employees and their problems. It is the same with the president of the state, especially the US. Thus, he gains a real insight into the needs of the poor, oppressed, racially oppressed, and all others who are often "invisible" in the eyes of the government and the ruling administration. Or, in other words, different administrations may deliberately overlook the "lower" levels of society. The growth and strengthening of the state is possible with the strengthening of the nation, with work on improving the living conditions of the nation. Every other agenda is not long-lived. The economy must be such as to take care of all strata of society, not just the stock markets. Economic stability, which means solving the problems of the poor, workers and all those affected by the pandemic, also means reducing the tensions that have accumulated over the past four years. It also implies a comprehensive solution to the problem at the level of institutional racism. Without that, there is no real solution and reduction of racial tension. And without that, there is no strengthening of the nation, nor strengthening of the state itself. Every tension destroys the fabric of the nation and weakens it.

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