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How to deal with toxicity?

Most of my life I deal with some forms of toxicity: people, food, and environments. As the world around is changing: more deaths, violence acts and innocent people dying, I don't know what's healthy or toxic. It should be obvious. Here are signs you dealing with a toxic person and how to deal with them.

1. You left them emotionally exhausted after dealing with them (physically even)

2. They try to intimidate you to get their way or even control you

3. They they to control you by guilt tripping

4. They are easily jealous

5. They can't take the word "no"

6. They constantly see themselves as a victim

7. They give backhand compliments

8. They have no respect for boundaries

9. They are self-absorbed

10. They overshare (too open:tell too much about themselves and their business)

I am learning how to deal with toxic people and environments. Most of the time I just leave the person alone (no matter who they are). I found other ways to deal with them. Set limits and boundaries (especially with complainers). Choose your battles with toxic people wisely or not choose to battle with them at all. Learn to rise above their behavior emotionally by distancing yourself from them. Don't let them steal your joy, Focus on coming up with a solution and not the problems. Forgive and forget what happened but still maintain boundaries. Make sure you take care of yourself getting proper sleep and nutrition. Find another cycle of support, trustworthy, healthy people to be around. If not, you will start acting just like them. As the saying goes, you are who you hang around.


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