How long will the poor wait for the vaccine?

The global plan to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to poorer countries faces a "very high" risk of failure, potentially leaving billions of people worldwide without the vaccine by 2024, according to internal documents reviewed by Reuters.

The World Health Organization (WHO) program COVAX is the world's leading coronavirus vaccination scheme in low- and middle-income countries. The goal is to deliver at least two billion doses of vaccines by the end of 2021 to cover 20 percent of the most vulnerable people in 91 poor countries, mostly in Africa, Asia and Latin America. However, in internal documents reviewed by Reuters, the scheme's proponents say the program faces a lack of funds, delivery risks and complex contractual arrangements that could make it impossible to achieve the set goals.

"The risk of failing to establish a successful COVAX program is very high," reads an internal report for the Gavi Alliance Board, which consists of governments, pharmaceutical companies, charities and international organizations that organize global vaccination campaigns. Gavi, together with the WHO, runs the COVAX program.

One of these reports warns that the failure of this program could leave people in poor countries without access to the vaccine against COVID-19 by 2024. The risk of failure is higher because the scheme was drawn up very quickly, acting on "unexplored territory", the report states.

Is this "failure" due to the speed of the so-called scheme only a cover-up, because we are witnessing that many of the world's philanthropists are making "extraordinary efforts" to ensure that poor countries are very much considered for vaccination? Where then does “failure” come from? Perhaps, although this may be condemned by "truth-tellers", and blame this for conspiracy theory, but it seems that poor countries are not good business partners for "investment", although this is about health.

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