How Dolly does it

One in a series of donors who do not put themselves in the crucial position of solving the pandemic problem, but simply express their philanthropy with their contribution, is Dolly Parton. She does not classify herself as a “pandemic expert” and makes “predictions” that

they warn the world of danger and thus present themselves as "saviours." She simply donated a million dollars to the biotechnology company Moderna Therapeutics based in Massachusetts, and that's it. This company is working on the production of the vaccine, and this news about the donation is not new, it happened some time ago. Namely, Moderna has already announced that it is working on the mRNA-1273 vaccine, which will reduce the risk of Covid-19 by 94.5%. More specifically Dolly gave her donation to Vanderbilt University Medical Center whose researchers, along with researchers from Emory University, the National Institutes of Health and others, enabled Moderna to work on vaccine production.

And what is special about it? Well, nothing, nothing should be, except the act of giving, and spreading enthusiasm, and not advertising. In addition to Dolly, there are many others who are ready to help with their donations, and have already helped, in this global disaster. It's just that their way doesn't mean collecting political benefits, or that it will make them more popular or put themselves in the position of a "concerned" benefactor who cares about the whole world. Doing something for your community is, in my opinion, much more significant than pompous performances, and with effort shown modesty. Let everyone in their community help as much as they can and the pandemic will be defeated.

Of course, Dolly also tweeted about her donation, which she announced back in April and which is an expression of gratitude to a certain doctor from the aforementioned Vanderbilt University Medical Center, who helped her after the 2014 car accident.

"When I donated the money to the Covid fund I just wanted it to do good and evidently, it is! Let's just hope we can find a cure real soon."

Many responded to this news with their tweets, which all exuded enthusiasm, positive energy, and even jokes. One of the tweets was:

"Why are we not discussing the fact that the vaccine with the good news this morning was partly funded by Dolly Parton?

Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vacciiiiiiiiiiiiiine...."

This joke refers directly to Dolly's song "Jolene" only now the vaccine is current, not Jolene. :)

Although we are all aware that at least a few more months will pass, until the beginning of the mass application of the vaccine, but such moves give hope and enthusiasm, which perhaps strengthens the immunity against the vicious virus the most.

And what would be the point of this blog? The news is not so new, but it is certainly necessary and useful, at least for ordinary people who have heard too many terrible predictions, and tired of the performances of those who "care" about the world.

And yes, Dolly is a businesswoman too, who has a feel for it but also has a measure.

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