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How Diets are making us Fat

Anyone who has went on a diet, who stops it gains even more weight than they did before! If it is a food diet mostly that is where people fail to realize that those foods they have to eat for the rest of their life's, and be miserable!

Food is a necessity of living life! If we do not have it we will die. And its not anyone's fault for eating what they love to eat! All these crazy diets that they put you on, make you sicker, even make it harder to lose the weight.

Fat gets stored up if we are not moving. So the key to losing weight is exercise, not diets. Are bodies are meant to move so we can go somewhere(Travel). When we even brisk walk somewhere we are getting exercise. We do not need to spoil our happiness of loose of our favorite foods. We can also add a greens with whatever we are eating. And if you do not like greens spice it up! With all your favorite seasonings, or dressings.

Diets are not as good as exercise. Exercise can help you reach your full potential. It is good to be overweight, and healthy. The only problem with being overweight could be heart problems, high blood sugar/pressure, or diabetes. If you are diagnosed with these symptoms exercise, and have a hearty yet healthy meal, and follow your doctors rules.

One if exercise is not enough for you?

Well if your guzzling millions of sodas, going to every fast food restaurant, weigh over 800 pounds then you could die, and do not exercise. Overeating is a disease it is not you!

No one should critize you for being lazy, or fat!

Everyone has to get exercise, even if it is just walking.

Diets will torture us, we have to exercise, and eat healthy meaning, greens, vegetables, fruits, water.

Everyone's bodies are different take it slow, and do not worry!

Written by,

Janelle Rae Moore

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