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House Corrupted

Now don’t get me wrong—I’ve met and admired a handful of Congressional representatives. But out of the 435 in our plutocracy (government run by the rich,) I’m granting this session a 1.03% decency rating. I find the House corrupted beyond repair.

What does a House corrupted look like?

· Self-interest

· Personal agendas

· Pandering to the masses—buying votes

· Gerrymandering

· Expensive trips at our expense

· Kickbacks for votes

· Special favors for children/residents/constituents/donors

· Slush funds for pet projects

· Discretionary use of expense accounts

· Lobbyist gifts and special consideration

· Cheap medical care

· A more-than-adequate retirement fund beyond that enjoyed by the average citizen

Jason Daley in “Ruined Roman Republic,” Smithsonian Magazine, November 6, 2018, describes a population once devoted to national and personal honor torn to shreds by wealth inequality and partisan politics. We laugh about Nero playing the fiddle as Rome burned, but how far do you think we are from just such a scenario? The total disconnect between Washington and the average citizen leaves many wondering, "What are they thinking?"

I find the answer to that question chilling. Daley quoted Edward Watts’ new book from 2018, Mortal Republic: How Rome Fell into Tyranny, and I had to look it up. “Roman history could not more clearly show that when citizens look away as their leaders engage in these corrosive behaviors, their republic is in mortal danger. A nation so deeply divided as to ignore these abuses at the expense of one cause or another promotes dysfunction..." We see the violent outcomes in the news and our children will experience our nation's demise in their lifetimes unless something changes. Soon.

Did Trump’s phone call transcend the limit? Did Biden’s self-interest in Burisma and his son’s wealthy presence in the Ukraine transcend the limit? We can point fingers and find a measure of self-interest in the administrations of all living presidents and Congressional representatives, but until the House initiates investigations and impeachment proceedings within its own majority party, it smacks of corruption. Donald Trump no more deserves impeachment than Presidents Obama or Clinton, Senator Clinton, Representative Pelosi...need I go on?

I, for one, am sick of the posturing and incessant name-calling on every side. Our representatives need to solve problems, not play politics for the purposes of personal aggrandizement and winning elections. Let’s face it. This is a House corrupted.

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