Hollywood's finest human being

Keanu Reeves is known for his public statements and attitude that goes beyond celebrities, though he is one of them. There are frequent photos of him on the internet, wearing worn shoes, or how he gives way to the elderly in the subway, or simply sitting in a park feeding pigeons and staring at an imaginary spot. These photos are often an inspiration for memes as we can often see. He is also known for his donations to various children's hospitals, which others do, but simply his appearance and the way he does it sets him apart from others.

Keanu is special in every situation. His moves and actions have long marked him as one of Hollywood's finest human beings. He is also known for photos with colleagues or fans when he politely hugs them, but his palms are always at a decent distance, not like others who hug women as flirting. Keanu just doesn't do it.

For example, in April, he helped about twenty passengers reach their destinations when their plane was forced to land immediately.

One of his more recent situations of humanity was when, as he passed by a car, he saw a sign written by fans in the yard: "You're breathtaking!" Keanu jumped out of the car to leave his autograph on this sign. It's just amazing how much Keanu proves his humanity in everyday, ordinary situations, not just at gala dinners on official donations, etc.

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