Henry Kissinger's warning: US-China relations look like the world before the First World War.

The United States should reconsider its hegemony and talk to China about imposing restrictions on competition, because the alternative is to create conditions similar to those that preceded the First World War, Henry Kissinger warned.

"Our leaders and their leaders need to discuss the boundaries beyond which they will not push threats and how to define it," said Kissinger, a diplomat during the Nixon administration who advocates America's rapprochement with China.

"You can say that it is completely impossible, but if so, we will get into a situation similar to the one in the First World War" he warned during an online debate organized by the New York Economic Club.

Trump's attitude towards China is well-known, as is Kissinger's political experience, so are these warnings realistic?

Washington needs a "new way of thinking" that would recognize that today no country is able to "achieve such one-sided superiority in both strategy and economy that no one will be able to threaten it," he added.

"This is a big challenge for any administration, and it's not a party challenge, it's a historical challenge, because we can't revise it every four to eight years. And if we can't clarify that in our own country, we can't deal with others countries. "

Kissinger said the proposed talks with China should take many years.

The Trump administration led a confrontation with China on several fronts. Among other things, it imposed tariffs on Chinese exports to the United States, pushed Chinese technology and communication companies out of American markets, and tried to blame Beijing for the damage caused by the Covid -19 pandemic.

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