Help My Child...

Parenting can be difficult, but when you have a sick child who has a mental illness, it is unthinkable. The challenge suffocates your ever last breath of hope for them to get better. And they go through hospital, after hospital, and you just don't know what to do. Sometimes you want to give up, but when you look at your child you see tears of your own, you have to help them, because no-matter what you still love them.

Why Mommy, Daddy do I suffer?

Through countless medications, having your child sedated. Can help with the torture that they are going through. Getting them outside is a great thing to do! Keep on helping them go outside to play, instead of inside. Why? Because when you have a mental illness it may get progressively worse if the child is not actively aware. It could lead to bigger problems in the future. Have them draw, and interact with others. It will help improve sleep, and their mental illness.

When you are a parent, it can be super stressful, extremely stressful. Sometimes you do not know where to turn to. If you live with your spouse, take turns, to give yourself a break. If you do not have anyone. Use a bathroom by yourself, and meditate. Exercise with your kid, make it not just fun for your child, but you too! Bring them to the beach, hikes, biking, fishing, swimming, even learning new subjects. Make it fun for both you, and your child!

We both have each other!

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