Google strikes back to Microsoft in the midst of an ongoing news conflict

Big tech companies Google and Microsoft recently embarked on a war of words amid a new law trying to regulate the way online distributors handle content published by news publishers. The battle between the pair echoed in Microsoft's advertising attack on Google, which became known as the so-called "Scroogled" era.

Popular search engine Google attacked rival Microsoft on Friday, accusing the technology company of dusting off old undermining practices and deciding to "violate the way the open network works."

The unusual public quarrel between the leading technology companies began with Google issuing a sharp statement moments before Microsoft President Brad Smith was due to appear at a House subcommittee hearing on competition news.

"We welcome the discussion of ways to create a better economic future for quality journalism, especially given that the news media business model has been facing increased challenges for many years," Kent Walker, Google's senior vice president of global affairs, said in a blog post on Friday.

"We also believe that this important debate should address the substance of the problem, not be rejected by sheer corporate opportunism... which brings us to Microsoft's sudden interest in this debate."

"We respect Microsoft's success and compete fiercely with them in cloud computing, search, productivity applications, video conferencing, email and many other areas. "Unfortunately, as competition in these areas intensifies, they are returning to their well-known practice of attacking rivals and lobbying for regulations that benefit their own interests," Walker noted.

"They are now making self-praising claims and are even ready to violate the way the open network works in an attempt to undermine rivals. And their claims about our business and the way we work with news publishers are completely wrong. "

Nailing another nail, Walker pointed out that Microsoft made a recent step into the news publishing arena when the company was hit by the devastating hacking of SolarWinds. Reaffirming that Google intends to "collaborate with news organizations and policy makers" to secure the future of journalism, Walker further characterized Microsoft's history of support for news organizations as "inconsistent." He also stated that rival publishers paid less for the content.

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