Glacier funeral - warning and possible common scenario in the future

In August 2019, scientists, researchers and ordinary people gathered in Iceland for an unusual occasion, which is the first but could become a practice, unfortunately! Namely, the reason for this gathering was the funeral, an unusual funeral of a glacier. This could be a warning but also a rehearsal of what will become commonplace in the near future. It is clear that the funeral was held on the occasion of a glacier that disappeared due to the mindless use of fossil fuels, excessive carbon dioxide emissions and the greenhouse effect. Like this glacier, many other things, including humans, will burn and melt. The name of this, once iconic glacier in the original is Okjökull, spanning 15,000 square miles and despite its size and space, has melted away. The massive glacier melted into the lake.

Many people, including the Prime Minister of Iceland, gathered on this unusual occasion to pay homage to the once-ice giant, but also to remember that there was once a natural glacier, which, like the rest of nature, was not respected by the world's powerful. How long will this fuck-up take on powerful leaders and businessmen in the mad race for money on the one hand and the suffering of nature on the other?

This funeral took place after the month of July 2019, which was recorded as the hottest ever, and the state of Iceland is covered by ice about 10% of its surface, how many percent will remain, we will see. In Greenland, for example, billions of tons of ice have been melted.

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