Gen Z voters could give Democrats a decades-long advantage, report says

According to a report by the Harvard Institute of Politics and the Center for American Progress (CAP), Generation Z voters could give a big advantage to Democrats. This is not only related to tomorrow's elections, but also to a decades-long advantage. According to these reports, there is great enthusiasm among members of this generation in support of Joe Biden.

Not only do 63% of Americans aged 18-29 say that they “definitely” plan to vote, according to the Harvard-Harris poll, but their enthusiasm for the former vice president has grown.

In addition to them, Millennials are also a more liberal part of the American population. It is also a great challenge for Republicans because these two generations are becoming a large part of the population's voting body, the CAP report outlines. Its model predicts an 8%-18% popular vote advantage for Democrats by 2036, disadvantaging Republicans in the electoral college as well. While the two groups are expected to comprise approximately 35% of the voters in this year’s election, according to CAP, they are expected to amount for nearly 60% of the electorate by 2036.

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