Gates wants a campaign: Celebrities to advertise the vaccine

Bill Gates called on the United States to launch a campaign to vaccinate against the corona virus next year, by engaging "trusted people" to reduce resistance to the vaccine. The founder of "Microsoft" and one of the main advocates and financiers of vaccine research said that thanks to vaccines, rich countries will be able to return to normal after the pandemic by the end of 2021. He said that in his speech during the meeting of the board of directors of the "Wall Street Journal".

Gates stressed the importance of such action to overcome scepticism. Although the vaccine will be available as early as next year, according to research, more than half of Americans have stated that they do not want to be vaccinated even if they get $ 100 each. That is why it is necessary to develop a "network of trust", whatever that means.

Complaining that resistance to vaccines exists in all states and that it precedes pandemics, Gates suggested to US health officials to "consider whose votes could reduce resistance, so that we have a level of vaccination sufficient to stop the spread of the virus."

He even cited the example of Nigeria, the example of the vaccine against polio myelitis, and noted that it is not impossible to go to religious leaders in order to influence the population.

"In countries like Nigeria, we had to go to religious leaders, talk to them in order to stand up and call for the vaccination of children. That is why it is very important to understand the network of trust, who are the people who are trusted. Very few people can understand some scientific formulation or data directly ".

The care of this businessman for people and the world's health problem is really interesting!

Gates again referred to conspiracy theorists and social networks to which conspiracy theories are spreading. He complained that conspiracy theories, such as that "the corona virus was artificially made or that there was a conspiracy related to it," spread faster "than the truth that the virus came from a bat."

The billionaire called on social networks to "slow down or mark things that do great harm, such as calls not to wear masks or not to receive vaccines, because these are key tools to get us back to normal."

He also complained that "conspiracy theories about his global funding of vaccines are a big problem" for which there is no smart solution, adding that he does not call for censorship.

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