From one extreme to another

Although everything is allowed and everything has become marketing, competition and liberal business, everything is measurable and for sale, it seems to be exactly the pattern of many mental illnesses. And while many such diseases are more or less visible, they can be diagnosed, one is special and almost invisible, hardly noticeable as it moves from one extreme to another. This one the almost invisible disease is exactly that everything is possible, everything is allowed and even the evaluation of others. Just at first impression, evaluate other people and what happens, be it. And it also seems that this disease is the most dangerous, because it is skilfully disguised, has a wide range of roles, because the two opposite extremes of this disease fit together perfectly and cooperate with the appearance that anything is possible and all is allowed. Which seems to reflect the anxiety or powerlessness of those who evaluate others and skilfully use both sides of possibilities. And there seem to be more such people than ever. It is as if mushrooms are growing after rain with new extreme features.

With such extremes, you are never sure what extremes will occur today, which tomorrow, and you do not know what to expect. Not even what role will be selected. There are many possibilities in many ways the disease can occur. I have nothing against capitalism, to make everything clear, nor against liberalism, I have nothing against social ideas and aiding and charity. Many possibilities, many choices, but also the danger that those choices can take over and conquer weak personalities.

Perhaps this is the reaction of generations to the world in which we live, perhaps some recent diagnostics will declare this behaviour absolutely normal, and declare those who do not behave like this are ill. Anything is possible, right? That is why I value the people you can feel that they are what they are and nothing else, they do not run away from it, they not hide beside today's mask and you are always clear with them. Cheers to those people!

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