For some celebrities lock-down meant a breakup

During the lockdown due to the corona pandemic, we often read about the “benefits” this pandemic has brought. Some of them are getting closer to family members, reminding of repressed and even forgotten values ​​such as preparing food at home or even a relaxed and informal chat with family members. Then reviving the "awareness" that everything is not in money and that no wealth can help us in conditions when we are facing death, even money becomes insignificant, although in such times we should keep what we have acquired. Many of us have forgotten what it looks like when we hang out with our neighbours and family members completely and without haste, we even remember some small family rituals that have long been neglected.

However, even in such "ideal" conditions for rapprochement, many of the famous couples broke up. Perhaps the newly created conditions during the pandemic and the all-day stay with the family were pressure for couples, especially celebrities. Either way, troubled partnerships are a difficult thing to navigate at the best of times, never mind in the middle of a global pandemic.

Boyzone singer Shane Lynch announced in April that he had moved out of his family home because he and his wife of 13 years Sheena White were "at each other's throats". He explained that pressures of lockdown saw difficulties emerge in their relationship, as he typically spends a lot of time on the road. The couple, who share two daughters Billie, 11, and seven-year-old Marley, haven't necessarily parted ways for good as Lynch expressed hope they could work on their issues.

He said: “I’m praying every day me and my wife sort out our things and I get back to my kids.

“I pray the longer me and my wife are apart at this moment, during these difficult times, it builds a strongness so when we get back together life will continue to be amazing in the next 15, 20, 30 years.

In addition to them, Jesy Nelson and Chris Hughes also broke up. April also saw the demise of reality star Kristin Cavallari and American footballer player Jay Cutler's six year marriage.

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