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Fateh Sagar Lake~ Let the heart dive with waves

Situated in heart of city in Indian state Rajasthan, Fatehsagar Lake covers the surface area of almost 4 kms in total. A man made lake constructed in 1680's was named after Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur and Mewar.

It is among the four lakes in Udaipur but definitely the most popular spot attracting tourist as well as local people to spend their early mornings and late evenings. Accompanied by several mouth watering food stalls facing lakeside with serving of delicious cuisines, street food and fascinating views.

Memoir of Fatehsagar Lake

Embellished by beautiful islands this tranquil beauty is located in north-west of Udaipur.

It was actually built by Maharana Jai Singh in 1678 and got it name from Maharana Fateh Singh who later made additions to it.

Scenes of scenario's

Manifesting it's presence between tourist as well as residents Fatehsagar is surely the pretty art of nature embracing spots and islands to visit.

Sobriqueted as the Second Kashmir, this exotic beauty is placed with backdrop of green mountains. Nehru Park, the small island is again well liked by many people and is reached by boats at very fair fare, this place is serving the midst beauty of Lake for you to experience the scenic exquisite and wavy winds.

Udaipur Solar Observatory is another island in Fatehsagar Lake, established in 1976 by Dr.Arvind Bhatnagar. Although it is not open for public but you can have a close look of this beautiful white island between blue water.

Evening colours attracts the crowd of residents and tourists the most. Equipped with water jet fountains and colourful lights is truly a fascinating experience.

Easy transport facilities and accessible inboard for boating, this stillness of water reflecting the mesmerizing quick peeks into your soul will lead you to enlightenment.

Most importantly the visit will be incomplete without the very yummy "Kulhad Wali Coffee" so just visit, absorb the soul stirring escapade and listen to the melodies of waves at their pace of life.

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