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Facts and Opinions

For a long time, religion and politics have been taboo topics. Currently, the tensions involving political opinions have reached alarming levels.

Attacking facts for the sake of defending opinions no matter what creates a dangerous situation where reality is no longer permitted -- for the sake of the dream worlds that belief in opinions creates.

The floating world is separate from the real world. As Final Fantasy XIII shows, the two worlds are in conflict with each other. The question is, outside of the video game story world, what will be the outcome of this real and present conflict?

Facts should always be the basis for our opinions. If those opinions need to change, that change is not a signal that the end of the world is coming. If there is room for compromise, that shouldn't be something to fear.

Wanting to be different simply for the sake of desperately clinging to a distinct sense of self does not indicate healthy behavior. Political opinions should not have the same kind of meaning that a number of tattoos have (LA Ink clearly shows the kind of stories that customers want to link to their desired tattoos).

Politics, like religion, involves a certain degree of faith, but unlike religion, none of the politicians carry with them the status of divinity. They are human beings, just like you and me. Having faith in politicians is not something I carry with me in large supply. The way people can have such strong positive emotions about human politicians can reach a level of zeal that I just don't understand.

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