Ex-firefighter is suing her old department after being fired for her Instagram photos

An ex-firefighter is suing her old department after being fired for posting provocative photos on Social Media.

Claiming she was discriminated against because of her gender, Presley Pritchard, 27, who is also a self-described social media influencer worked at the Evergreen Fire Rescue in Montana for 3 years. Presley alleges she was fired in August 2019 for uploading photos of herself on Instagram, which were tagged too provocative by her seniors.

"A lot of male employees in the department have pictures of themselves in uniforms and turnouts in front of fire trucks and in the department on their several social media accounts." Presley’s complaint reads.

She further alleged that a colleague (a male) uploaded material recommending genocide on his social media but wasn’t scolded for it. In addition to the sexism compliant, Presley believes she was a target, mainly because of how she appeared in a gym attire at a public gym.

Particularly, the photos on Presley’s pages feature images of herself in firefighting or paramedic gear, along with photos of her working out in the gym.

Her outfits vary with some pictures revealing Presley wearing sports bras and others a baggy firefighter attire.

‘EFR doesn’t have a social media policy and never has.’ The Paramedic responded.

Claiming Presley shared a photo of herself at the scene of an accident, the company said it resulted in the personal utilisation of taxpayer money. This action is alleged to have violated the clause of engaging in any conduct which would disparage the Fire Rescue.

The department equally alleged that Presley took photos of their facilities and later embossed them onto t-shirts for financial gain.

Giving the ex-firefighter a 5 day Ultimatum to remove all company-related content, Presley, however, poses with fitness equipment and earned money from companies including Nine Line Apparel, Herbstrong, and IUP Nutrition.

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