Even Coca-Cola is positive for corona

If this wasn't a tragic period, all this would be ridiculous. What one politician did caused astonishment in the Austrian parliament.

Namely, the MP of the Freedom Party of Austria, Michael Schnedlitz, sharply criticized the Austrian government for the use of unreliable tests in mass testing of the population, and he supported his claim with an unusual gesture.

He performed a rapid antigen test on "Coca-Cola" behind the podium. He instilled a drop of "Coca-Cola" on the corona test, and the result was positive.

Whether the trick is in question or not, judge for yourself based on the video below.

Schnedlitz thus wanted to point out the unreliability of the tests used, for which the government gave more than millions of taxpayers' money.

It is clear that there are reliable tests, but it is completely immoral in these troubled times on the eve of a new normal, someone from the top of the state is trying to make money by planting false or unreliable tests, propagating them as expensive and reliable.

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