Euphemism of reality

Has the use of euphemisms become excessive? Sometimes, of course, it is very necessary to alleviate a harsh expression, however reflective of the truth, when the delicate situation requires it. Sometimes this is simply necessary in an official public address, sometimes, but only sometimes it is better to mitigate the truth. However, euphemisms have become an integral part of everyday correspondence, the usual conversation between friends, the usual conversation in the family, etc. Thus the use of euphemisms simply flooded ordinary words and expressions. So many soft words created the so-called soft language, as George Carlin called it. The coin of this American comedian, "soft language," how he observed, concealed reality, and "took the life out from life". So toilet paper became bathroom tissue, information became directory assistance, false teeth became dental appliances, used cars became previously owned transportation and so on.

All of this was nice to a certain extent, more precisely when the use of euphemisms really helped to overcome certain situations, and such ephemeral phrases could really embellish unpleasant expressions at given times, in a restaurant, in an office, etc. However, their use has come so far that the police have not killed some people but neutralised some people or government officials are not lying but engaged in misinformation. It all starts with the knowledge of the audience that someone wants to alleviate the truth, but so many soft words is like a virus that slowly but surely enters our mindsets and begins to distance us from the truth. The use of euphemisms is no longer only present in official speeches, but as I have already noted in the everyday life of ordinary people, and not only that, these euphemisms are believed to be true. We started behaving in accordance with the patterns of soft words, we started not wanting the truth ourselves. Has the truth become so painful that we need to flee from it by using soft words, or the overcrowding of soft words made us start running away from the truth? And does it all have to do with an extremely grown sense of being offended and overly sensitive in people in recent years, so much mocked on the internet? It is only certain that the euphemisms have long ago separated from their original purpose and become synonymous with the general state of being offended, the mass use of soft language and the escape from the truth.

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