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Should everything in life be taken seriously? Could it be that it's not so serious, but we make it more serious than it is? We may be too tight in our pursuit of success, and this does not allow us to see life around us with real eyes. Of course, not everything is perfect, but probably there is a balance and if we want we can find that balance. We were once taught that when we look at life realistically, we will see that there are many efforts and obstacles to success. But what is success? Is success only in business? Is it permissible to think that success is to be happy and not succumb to the general race for money and status that has become a trend in our lives? Maybe the starting point for thinking should be that life is just one. It is important in that one life to achieve business success, but ... Let's just remember ...

One life is worth as much as we design it as it suits us. We are just passers-by in our lives who have been given to us as a gift. Imagine travellers, passers-by travelling the world and never stop to enjoy the magic of the world. And so is everyone who pursues success relentlessly. It's a success, but at what cost? We may have taken this pursuit of success too seriously. I honestly think that someone with such teachings fooled us, and I also honestly think that we should have the money, but also the time to enjoy that money. We need to learn to laugh again, not to take everything seriously, we don't even need to take ourselves too seriously, to surround ourselves with the people who really suit us, and

we suit them, of course. We need to surround ourselves with the winners, those who don't wait for Friday, who don't wait for the holidays, who don't wait for something better to happen....

Let's not take everything so seriously, put a smile on, and then on to work, but not just for money, though for the money, but for work, to enjoy every day.

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