Due to further climate catastrophes, only some of the countries will be safe for life

Climate catastrophes continue, but further hand in hand with pandemics, layoffs, poverty, racism and we will see what else!?!

Nearly half a million people died as a direct result of over 12,000 extreme weather elementary disasters in the period 1999-2018. Greenland is melting, and the most extreme scenario - called RCP8.5 - predicts that economic growth will continue unabated in the 21st century, resulting in global warming of around 3.7 degrees Celsius compared to today's, which is already 4, 8 degrees higher than the pre-industrial period.

To remind you RCP8.5 is energy intensity improvements.

"The RCP8.5 combines assumptions about high population and relatively slow income growth with modest rates of technological change and energy intensity improvements, leading in the long term to high energy demand and GHG emissions in the absence of climate change policies."

Here, too, is a paradox, it is predicted that economic growth will continue in 2021, which means further use of fossil fuels, and on the other hand, the economic crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Who fu**s with people and this planet? People are losing their jobs, everyone is announcing and already working with reduced capacities, and economic growth will continue?!? Isn't it enough that living conditions are threatened every day by the emission of harmful gases, on top of that pandemics and the death of a large number of people due to the mysterious Covid-19 virus, and more layoffs, impoverishment of the population and more warming and global warming will continue?

In other words, that would mean that the ice cover will continue to melt at a speed we have not seen for at least 130,000 years, writes "Science Alert", which will raise the sea level and endanger millions of inhabitants of coastal areas.

Greenland is the largest island in the world and rests on the largest ice mass in the Northern Hemisphere. If that ice melts, the sea will rise by over seven meters.

There is no doubt in most scientific projections that climate change will affect every country in the world, but that impact will not be felt everywhere equally. The countries that are most likely to be hardest hit are often the poorest and least developed ones, because they lack the resources and infrastructure to cope with extreme weather conditions, writes "Hill". Nothing new!

This hypothesis was presented in a report by the University of Notre Dame, which analyzed 181 countries based on various factors that contribute to climate change, as well as their readiness to adapt. Factors include health, food supply and government stability.

Based on that report, the group of "Eco experts" compiled a list of countries that will most likely survive the consequences of climate change.

These are mostly Scandinavian countries and those relatively rich, with united governments and set goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At the bottom of the list, where the countries that are likely to suffer the most severe climate shocks, are mostly the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, and the one with the least probability of surviving them is Somalia. Nothing new again!

People are distracted from global problems such as pollution due to the another global problem - the pandemic, but overall it does not look good. If various social polarizations, political daily turmoil, racism and much more are added to that, people get dizzy.

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