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Don't kidnap my Governor Big Gretch (Governor Gretchen Whitmer)

Threats were lodged against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, for her restrictions and shutdowns due to the Coronavirus. As a resident of Lansing, MI, I witnessed protesters boycott the state Capitol building, which caused several workers to work from home.

Michigan has reopened since the shutdown in March. However, there are still restrictions in place. According to CNN, thirteenth people have been charged for their involvement with conspiring to kidnap Governor Gretchen at her vacation home. Six men were charged in federal court while seven were accused of trying to target police and state capital. 

The alleged kidnapping was not just planned but rehearsed since August. They planned to pay for explosives and exchange tactical gear. The kidnappers accused Governor Gretchen of having "uncontrolled power" which they were trying to end. The six men charged in federal court were arrested on Wednesday. If they are convicted they face life in prison.

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