Dolly Parton challenge

It all started when this music icon shared this made-to-be-memed magic. It is becoming well known and consists of photographs for different social platforms. So on Instagram, for example, there will be one type of photo or one aspect of your personality and your life, in relation to, say, a business Linkedin photo. Having all the fun with the vastly different photos one might present on dating app vs. the proper business mode for LinkedIn, the new hotness is the viral Dolly Parton meme that has become known as the Dolly Parton challenge.

The post was a collage of sorts divided into a four-square grid showing who she would choose to share with the world on LinkedIn (sharp suiting prospective employers!) Facebook (a Christmas sweater for the relatives!) Instagram (a strong sense of personal style for all the internet pals!) and finally Tinder (a costume for potential flames!)

As Dolly herself stated, "Get you a woman who can do it all."

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