Do you enjoy flying?

To me, it's like freedom. In the air, a few thousand meters above the ground, the feeling is wonderful to me. I also love the feeling of the plane taking off, when it detaches from the ground and slowly ascends to the sky. I never get sick and I love that feeling in my stomach. Then the view from the height of eight, nine thousand meters, you see the whole smaller sea, you see the towns and settlements as a whole.

You can also see the night lights of the entire city when you take off from the airport at night. For me, airports are connections with the whole world. The very fact that in addition to the fantastic feeling of flying, in a few hours you are in another place in the world with different habits, languages, stories and needs. All this completes the feeling of freedom. In fact, the whole feeling of freedom in me begins to emerge when I arrive at the airport, then flying, and then some fantastic place on the globe. Then the feeling is complete.

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