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Mass Murders Overshadow Black Lives Matter?

Have mass shootings forced us to forget about Black Lives Matter? I feel as if we dumped the word black and now only focus on “all"?

What happened to Black Lives Matter ? The phrase "Hands up, don't shoot" became a bulletproof vest for the black community since the senseless killings of black men & women. Have we thrown Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland,Micheal Brown, Freddie Gray and Tamir Rice under the rug, as if they never existed?

The suspects responsible for the mass shootings have been arrested. Politely, handcuffed and taken into custody, by the very people responsible for killing of my brothers and sisters. Do “All” lives really matter? Or just the ones “they” seem to protect? Our killings have been tossed aside. 

Should I leave their murders behind, and not compare their deaths to all the shootings/deaths in  El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio? The African American population is under attack, possibly on the verge of extinction!

Have we become desensitized to murder of another human being? Even talking casually to a co-worker about a shooting in Lansing, MI. She casually said " Oh it was just one person, that's all and went back to work. Our mindset has to change or we will continue to fail as a country. Stay WOKE America.... 

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