Debate - who is less desirable in the White House

After the first debate between the two presidential candidates, which took place on Tuesday, analysts agree that Trump may be the only person in America who is afraid of Joe Biden. First of all, because of the actions as well as the words that Trump uttered during the campaign. Everyone agrees that this is the behaviour of someone who knows he is losing and does not know how to turn things to his advantage. At times, it looked like a child's play and attempts to deceive the opponent on the children's playground. Despite the host's warnings, Trump constantly interrupted Biden in half a sentence, after which Biden replied: "Will you shut up man?".

Although Biden has years of experience in politics, he does not seem to be skilled in debates. However, Trump looked like someone who is afraid of defeat and constantly shouted, lied and insulted Biden, which can only be done by someone who is afraid of defeat.

The fact that the fund rising in favour of Biden increased after the debate speaks in enough.

Joe Biden and his party scored a huge fundraising windfall during and after Tuesday night’s acrimonious debate with President Trump.

The Democratic fundraising website ActBlue processed close to $8 million between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m., according to the site’s live ticker.

The general impression in this campaign is not to choose the one who is the better candidate, but to throw out of the race the one that people do not want to see in the position of President in the next term. Many agree that Trump has divided America like no one ever before. He constantly mentions "us" and "them". Some analysts believe that the population in America is as divided and sharpened as before the Civil War. On the other hand, Biden does not seem like a skilled politician and negotiator, but what to choose?

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