Daniel Prude's family sues the City of Rochester - Daniel was suffocated, they claim

Another in a series of tragic stories when it comes to an extreme case of disrespect of the law, or rather abuse of force due to racist prejudices. Is it enough to see a man smashing the windows of the surrounding shops and raving that he has the corona virus, so that the police use deadly force? The force that killed the man. It happened early in the morning of March 23 to a black man named Daniel Prude. The truck driver who saw him and called 911 said Prude was covered in blood. While he was under stress and while breaking the surrounding windows he was also naked. They put a hood on his head and laid him naked on the sidewalk until he died of suffocation. Was it crucial that he was black so that deadly force was used, such as the well-known knee-deep neck by the police? It is normal that when a police officer presses the back or neck of a man lying on the sidewalk with his knee, man will try to stand up and shout vulgarities. A white man would do the same in that position. But in this case it was reason enough for a deadly force. Prude died ten minutes after the police knee on his back, that is, from suffocation due to the deadly force, and not, as according to the official report, he died seven days later. The police obviously would not be able to use deadly force against blacks as they wish, if racism were not deeply embedded in many important structures of society. According to an official autopsy from the Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office listed the cause of Prude’s death as “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint due to excited delirium due to acute phencyclidine intoxication,” an indication that Prude might have been high on PCP. When you want to cover up a crime, obviously, the best way is to add a lot more, more precisely to bury the deceased in all possible ways. However, members of Prude's family claim that he died of suffocation due to excessive force, a well-known knee from which one cannot breathe, and died within minutes. Also, New York State Attorney General Letitia James acknowledged that her office is actively investigating the incident.

“I placed the phone call for my brother to get help, not for my brother to get lynched,” said Joe Prude, the brother of Daniel Prude. “When I say get lynched, that was full fledged, murder, cold blooded — nothing other than cold blooded murder. The man is defenseless, naked on the ground, cuffed up already. I mean come on, how many brothers got to die for society to understand that this needs to stop? You killed a defenseless black man, a father’s son, a brother’s brother, a nephews uncle,” Joe Prude said.

The family of the murdered Daniel rightly intends to sue the city of Rochester, because they claim with certainty that Daniel was suffocated. More precisely, it is a cold-blooded murder.

It is also frightening that someone who killed a black man in such cold blood is still walking the streets in the service of the citizens. And it all happened two months before the tragic George Floyd's "I can't breathe."

"We are in need of accountability for the wrongful death and murder of Daniel Prude. He was treated inhumanely and without dignity," said Ashley Gantt, a community organizer from Free the People Roc. "These officers killed someone and are still patrolling in our community."

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