Creativity - a skill of the modern age

Life is not about success or fulfilment to be found, but to be created. What is creativity and how to treat it? Formerly, creatives have a special place in society, today it seems that creativity is essential for everyone. It cannot be entered anywhere without creativity, it is no longer just an ordinary entry into the workplace, with regular operations that are repeated indefinitely. Creativity has become an integral part of CV biography, an integral part of skills, it seems, even communication. I guess that's why motivators are very popular, they show us how to extract, develop and use our creativity on a daily basis as something we have mastered well.

Of course, there are many tips for enhancing creativity. One of them is a craft. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, learning the technical skills of your craft is essential. And if you aspire to move into a creative profession, core skills are the price of entry. Become so good at the fundamentals of your craft that they become automatic and effortless, like breathing, walking, or chewing gum. That’s when you’ll experience the real fun and prizes of a creative calling.

There are also creative cross-training, meditation, movement, good nutrition, proper hydration, creating before consuming, art, and of course many others.

Creative cross-training - by practising more crafts beyond your focus, you remain creatively capable but also subconsciously encourage yourself to actively participate in shaping the arc of your life. For me personally, apart from the jobs I do, writing these blogs is a great influence for me to see what else I can, as far as I can, to perceive and develop what I never imagined I could. Simply look at your talents and skills from other angles, compare what you already know and what you can still learn. The results are phenomenal because you really see that you can shape the arc of your life gradually but surely.

Meditation - mindfulness has the most positive effect of any one “master skill”, and it is of course stimulated by meditation, which contributes to overall health and well-being and to creativity itself.

Good nutrition - eating clean and reducing your consumption of processed foods and refined sugars will keep your energy levels steady throughout the day but also for months and years.

Proper hydration - this is one of the essential tips and things related to creativity, water is a natural cleanser of the body, it should be drunk as much as possible during the day and do not neglect thirst. It is individual how much water to drink from person to person, but water is blessed.

Creating before consuming - never, but never the first thing, when you wake up and start working, cruising around and looking for your favourite creators and their achievements. They need to be your role model, but by searching for their ideas and achievements to get inspired, you can end up with depression and lack of motivation. Simply, the act of creating something with intent first and foremost, and then seeking inspiration from others, changes the whole dynamic, and therefore your creativity.

Art - one of the biggest, if not the biggest secret of creativity and it seems so sophisticated to me that it can only be noticed by sophisticated effort because art is in front of my eyes all the time. It often comes as inspiration from other creatives, and when combined with the stimulated creativity in you, it grows, sometimes not in the way you want, but even then it is very useful - you understand what you do not want. It needs to be curious and exploring, art before your eyes will find a way to emerge and contribute to the growth of creativity. I have to admit that sometimes someone's idea or inspiration I get from someone stabs me like a bee sting, and it always goes in one of the directions, sometimes I understand what I don't want, sometimes I get a better insight into what I want, the possibilities are unheard of.

There are certainly many more tips and I am sure that each of you has your own personal tips and procedures for achieving and developing creativity, so go ahead, you can also contribute in the comments to the development of my creativity with your tips!

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