Crazed Trump supporter screams the N-word

Some of Trump's supporters are really falling into delirium during this campaign. One of them was recorded on camera shouting N-word while accusing the Democrats of supporting pedophilia and communism. In a video posted on social media this week, a Trump supporter in Sonora, California can be seen carrying a “Trump-Pence 2020” sign while yelling at onlookers. When this Trump supporter approached a man and when he warned her to keep a social distance, she replied:

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep away from your n*gger ass!” she yells at him.

She then went on a bizarre rant about the Democratic Party.

“You want pedophilia and communism?!” she asked rhetorically. “Vote Democrat!”

The Trump supporter then hurls the N-word at the woman who’s recording her and accuses her of being in favour of pedophilia because she’s holding a sign that says, “Peace and Love.”

“You’re for pedophilia!” she screams. “You’re for pedophilia!”

Judge for yourself whether this is a matter of support or madness.

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