COVID-19 vaccine developed by Chinese military medical academy approved for clinical trials

As announced by China Daily on 03/18/2020. The Chinese Ministry of Defence has developed a vaccine for the corona virus and will begin testing in humans. The sub-unit vaccine against COVID-19 created by experts from the Academy of Military Medical Sciences was approved for clinical trials on Monday night, China Central Television reported on Tuesday.

The team was led by senior bio-engineer Major General Chen Wei. Since arriving in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, in late January, Chen and her team immediately began working on a sub-unit vaccine. The vaccine has been approved for safety, efficacy and quality by a third party. Chen said the vaccine also has completed preliminary preparation work for mass production.

A sub-unit vaccine is a type of vaccine that contains only a fragment of the pathogen to stimulate a protective immune response, according to the World Health Organisation.

It is considered safer and more stable than live-attenuated vaccines, which contain a weakened version of the live pathogen, but it may not elicit as strong a protection as live-attenuated versions.

By the way, the death toll in Europe has exceeded the death toll in Asia, and while the epidemic is curbing in China, it seems that Europe is still out of control. For example, until about ten days ago, the number of patients in Spain was only five, then in just two days over two hundred, and the number is still rising. Currently, Spain with Italy is the most vulnerable in Europe.

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