Courteney Cox 'played a pivotal role in reuniting Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's warm reunion at the Screen Actors Guild Awards would have never happened without Courteney Cox.

According to The Sun, Cox played a pivotal role in getting the pair to start talking again, and even gave Pitt her best friend’s most recent number.

"Courteney would love nothing more than to see her best friend reunite with the man she’s never stopped loving," the source revealed. "After all, it was in many ways because of Courteney that they reunited, she is the reason they started speaking again after their split."

Cox was not subtle about her approval of the pair, who divorced in 2005.

Courteney liked many social media posts about the two, including ones that alluded to the former power couple "still loving each other."

She liked a tweet that said: "They still love each other, no doubt."

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