"Conspiracy theory" and mockery in the service of business

Yes, business and politics intertwine, money, influence, it all sometimes seems vague, and no clear boundaries are seen. There are also conspiracy theorists, who may be believe behind in this, and maybe it is also a business. So Elon Musk used a cartoon created by Garrison. He remade it and showed what interested him in all that. Bill Gates' desire to re-launch his Zune MP3 player.

To remind you, the original version of the cartoon made by Garrison turned to the fear that Gates instills due to the pandemic and the need for vaccination. Musk added another detail alluding to Gates' business moves with the text:

"Soon u will feel strange desire for Zune ..." Musk wrote just after midnight on the West Coast. In a follow-up Tweet, which was also deleted, he said, "This is actually happening."

The intolerance between Musk and Gates is also known, and Tesla's CEO used the whole context of vaccination, pandemic, conspiracy theory to score. Clearly, it is a matter of business prestige, but Musk has given statements against vaccinations before. It's all politics and business, but the powerful also resort to conspiracy theories when it suits them. Not just "losers" and "ordinary mortals."

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