Clean meat from animal cells

We are witnessing different alternatives to everything, from sustainable energy sources, alternative nutrition, intelligence, etc. One of alternatives is clean meat. Meat grown from animal cells, without the need to rise animals. And more importantly to various animal rights activists, without the need to kill animals. The story began as a scientific study in the field of stem cells, to turn into the beginning of an entrepreneurial story. This way, not only beef but also chicken and other meats will be able to be produced. There are already companies, one of them leading, Memphis Meat, which announces the fight against traditional beef and other meat production. Work is already under way to conquer the market, as well as additional and new research on the meat thus obtained, to give it as better taste as possible. We'll see where it gets.

The main tendency is to produce clean meat from animal cells, and it is estimated that if such production comes to life and within a few decades becomes normal, future generations will be shocked to see how meat is now produced. Of course, plans are that eventually resulting in clean meat becomes less expensive than conventional meat production. It will have much better calorie conversion, use much less water and land and produce up to 90 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than conventionally-produced meat.

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