City mapper

Cell phone application very useful for travellers who in certain cities, can get public transport information and more. In addition to map information and city streets, this application also provides information on available transportation for specific streets and parts of the city, then for cycling, walking. Suitable for anyone who, because of work or other duties, has to find the optimal way to reach certain places, by choosing the optimal route and mode of transportation. Also suitable for tourists visiting a city and needing the fastest and safest way to reach their destination.

Emphasis is on urban transport, but also many other useful tips, where, what transportation is available, etc. The data that is covert and available through this application comes from a variety of sources, official files, official data from local authorities, and some data has been collected through the work of local staff. It was first implemented to map the city of London in 2011, as the oldest and most famous public transport in the world, but later began to be implemented in cities around the world.

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