Celebs freeze Facebook, Instagram accounts to protest hate speech

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The campaign of celebrities who froze their accounts on Instagram and Facebook and thus protested against hate speech has been going on for several days now. Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kim Kardashian West are just some of the celebrities who joined the campaign.

"Misinformation shared on social media has a serious impact on our elections and undermines our democracy," Kardashian West wrote in an Instagram, expressing support for the "Stop Hate for Profit" campaign against Facebook Inc.

The goal of this campaign is to suppress hatred and propaganda. It is claimed that Facebook started to spread disinformation before the elections in America.

Here, perhaps the famous Facebook's fact-checking program should also be mentioned. It is known that the issue of checking the facts, i.e whether some news is false or not, raised a lot of dust after the video published last year, on the topic of abortion.

Facebook’s landmark fact-checking program “has many seemingly valuable aspects,” says Brendan Nyhan, a professor of government at Dartmouth College who has studied fact-checking. But Facebook’s management of the program is raising pressing questions about the world’s largest organized battle against misinformation.

“Facebook is making what are essentially policy decisions for a huge amount of public debate with little oversight or accountability,” he says. “We should know if fact-checkers can be overruled, and the extent to which opinion content is exempt from fact-checking.”

Of course, there are many doubts and places to manage the validity of some facts, news, and even political views, directing them towards the desired goal. Such fact-checking programs that Facebook has can certainly be in favour of a certain political option, then in order to make a profit, which in turn can lead to massive misinformation, monitoring the views of unwanted parties, as well as the replacement of theses. Hate speech can be favoured for profit, while freedom, human rights, and democracy are crumbling.

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