C'mon man

The world is in chaos due to the pandemic, the fall of the economy as a consequence of the mentioned pandemic, the strengthening of extremism on both the right and the left, and much more. The same situation seems to be in the pre-election race in America. More or less everything is known about Trump, as well as about Biden, and thus about both political options around them. People are sharply divided into right-wingers, leftists, anti-fascists, right-wing extremists, proud, black, white, etc. And I think most are tired of that. All normal people want to live normally. And the new normal seems to be abnormal. What's more, it seems as if the new normal fits perfectly into the reality we see. There is no clear vision when it comes to both options, everything is based on undermining the other. As if there is no clear solution, and therefore no clear vision of how to get out of this fog. Not just in America. Everywhere.

It is no wonder that often the answer to this situation is humor. People are clear about this lack of vision, this fog, even when it comes to the presidential elections in America. Kamala Harris is seen as much more determined and eloquent in performances than Biden. That is why clips appear that go viral about the funny performances of both candidates. This one is about Biden who confirms every claim not with an argument, but with the famous one: C'mon man.

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