Boris stable after worsening symptoms

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who announced more than ten days ago that he was positive for the corona virus, and also announced a few days ago that he had mild symptoms and was slowly recovering, suddenly, late Sunday, became much worse. With constant coughing and fever, Boris began to feel worsening symptoms and was taken to intensive care, although he was not attached to a respirator because he could still breathe on his own.

The spokesperson told reporters the prime minister, who was admitted to hospital on Sunday, was receiving standard oxygen treatment and was breathing without any other assistance. He was still conscious and did not require a mechanical ventilator, his office said.

"The prime minister has been stable overnight and remains in good spirits. He is receiving standard oxygen treatment and breathing without any other assistance. He has not required mechanical ventilation, or non-invasive respiratory support," the spokesperson, who traditionally speaks without his name being published, told reporters.

Johnson's personal battle with the virus has shaken the British government just as the United Kingdom enters what scientists say is likely to be one of the most deadly weeks of the pandemic, which has killed 70,000 people worldwide.

Johnson, 55, was admitted to St Thomas' Hospital across the River Thames from the House of Commons late on Sunday after suffering persistent corona virus symptoms, including a high temperature and a cough, for more than ten days.

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