Boredom can be boring and creative - detoxing from it, of course

Trapped in a day-to-day business that accumulates fatigue and stress in us, without the possibility of escaping or resetting can be a cause of serious boredom. Apart from being uncomfortable, the feeling of boredom is not healthy either. Surveys have shown that this problem is not only about the workplace, it is also present after work hours, at home. It's actually a modern way of life. Of course, the reason is the general presence of digital technology and it cannot be avoided, it is reality and inevitability. Not only at work and at home, anywhere in the public, in the park, in the waiting room, at the bus station, everyone is engrossed in smartphones. Surveys have also shown that people who responded to the survey questionnaire believe that continued connectivity to digital technology is not good and more and more people are feeling the need for "digital detox".

There is also a lot of absurdity here, overloaded with work and digital technology causes boredom, and often to kill boredom we resort to smart phones. The moment the lull in our daily activities, and after taking a break from them, boredom begins, and we reach for smartphones. Again, some research shows that when we are engrossed in a smartphone and when there is a flow, that is, when the activities on the smartphone cause us creativity, then there is no boredom, on the contrary. It is then a feeling of complete absorption

 due to the creative activity we completely control. However, when we resort to a memory phone because we are bored, and our activities are below our expectations and our skills are not fully occupied, we get bored and magnified. Some, however, see boredom as an opportunity to do something that will recharge their mental batteries and engage in things that make them creative, so according to them it is not really boredom, but an incentive for creativity, for some.

Either way, there are many ways to interpret and experience boredom, and the outcomes of boredom are different, but detoxification is a must.

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