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Bogus Sexual Allegation Against Dr. Lesli Myers-Small by Female?

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Did Dr. Lesli Myers-Small sexually harass a woman during a district's event? According to the D & C Rochester school board hired outside legal counsel to investigate an allegation that Superintendent Dr. Lesli Myers-Small sexually harassed another district employee.

The report stated Democrat and Chronicle sources with direct knowledge of the situation, the incident allegedly took place at a district event in early August. It allegedly involved the superintendent inappropriately touching and commenting upon a district employee’s body. Our source claimed the district employee filing the complaint is a married White woman. However, we could not confirm if the information is accurate or the identity of the woman.

The allegation of sexual harassment was delivered just days after the superintendent faced scrutiny for an "approved" vacation during RCSD bus driver crisis. The salacious complaint describes one encounter that could stem from a touch on the arm to complimenting an outfit. But, few details of what transpired have yet to be released.

The D & C report also stated School board president Van White confirmed the news after the board met privately with the district's general counsel Thursday night. "It has come to our attention there are some allegations made against the superintendent (Myers-Small) and we’ve retained outside counsel to investigate those allegations," White said. He did not disclose the nature of the allegations.


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